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For foreign customers;

Welcome to KOBUSHI mountain hut(Kobushigoya) website.

Are you interested in Japanese moutains? Kobushidake(Kobushi mountain : 2475m high) is one of the major Japanese mountain as well as Mt.Fuji.
Kobushidake is 3rd well-known mountain in Japan, so we recommend to climb Kobushidake if you already climb Mt.Fuji and Mt.Takaosan.

About Kobushidake

Kobushidake is among the Saitama prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture, and Nagano prefecture. (Nagano had an Olympic winter game)
Kobushidake is one of The Japanese 100famous mountains.
Kobushidake has beautiful forest and moss.
Kobushidake is source of Shinanogawa river(The longest river in Japan),Fujigawa river and Arakawa river.
Kobushidake is a nice view point of The Mt.Fuji.
and more,Kobushidake is the "middle of Okuchichibu region".

Access to Nishizawakeikoku(Kobushidake) mountain entry

Narita Airport -> ( Narita Express, JR EAST about 90 minutes) -> Tokyo Station ->
( Chuo Line Rapid Service , JR EAST about 15 minutes) -> Shinjuku Station ->
( Chuo Line Express "Azusa" , about 2 hours ) -> Yamanashishi Station ->
( Yamanashi prefecture bus ,about 1 hours) -> Nishizawakeikoku

About KOUBUSHI mountain hut(Kobushigoya)

Kobushigoya is about the 9th station of the Kobushi mountain.
(above : 2360 meters high.)
About 6 hours(hiking) from Nishizawakeikoku mountain entry.
or about 5 hours(hiking) from Moukidaira mountain entry.
There are snow from (about) December to May.so don't forget to bring crampon and something warm with you.

Business period:

About last of April to November 30.


KOBUSHI hut price

ordinaly day special day
STAY With two meals 9,500 JPY 10,500 JPY
With one meal 8,000 JPY 9,000 JPY
Without meal 6,500 JPY 7,500 JPY
Tent(camp) 1,000 JPY 1,000 JPY

Water : 100 JPY/Liter
Shop: beer , wine , sake(Japanese sake "Chichibunishiki") , Oden , Cup noodle and so on.

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